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Why Consult an Herbalist?

An Herbalist treats the whole person, embracing all aspects of an individual: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your practitioner will explore areas of your lifestyle such as diet, exercise, and emotional well-being and make appropriate recommendations.

Consulting a qualified herbal practitioner means you have the confidence that they are aware of herb/drug/supplements/food interactions and contra-indications. Thus, the herbal preparation will be specifically and safely formulated for you, additionally taking into account your case history and assessment from the consultation. This is something you do not get when purchasing 'over-the-counter herbal preparations. In most cases, herbal medicine is safe to take alongside medication, but there are some herbs and drugs that should not be taken together, so it is vital you let your herbal practitioner know what conventional medications you are taking. In the same way, it is good practice to keep your GP fully informed about herbs you are taking, even if they are not trained in the use of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine as practiced by a trained professional has an excellent safety record. Southern Apothecary herbalists follow procedures that ensure the herbs they use are botanically identified and traceable to the source. Consulting a professional herbalist is more beneficial, safer, and more cost-effective than self-medication with over-the-counter preparations and an altogether individualized and holistic experience.



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